General information
The MNE2020 Scientific Committee welcome submissions of high quality for 4 thematically focussed issues of Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE by Elsevier), related to the conference topics listed below. There are two different submission types:
♦ Oral presentations
♦ Poster presentations
MNE poster papers have equal weight to oral presentations. The Scientific Committee will decide on the final format of presentation.


Topics and subtopics
The complete list of the topics for MNE2020 can be found below. For each topic, there is a wide range of subtopics. Please note that you can only select subtopics within one topic.
Topic 1 - Novel Developments in Nano/Micro Fabrication Methods and Processes
► Lithography
► Patterning, including plasma and beam etching
► Materials
► Surface preparation and cleaning
► Computer-aided predictive nanofabrication

Topic 2 - Fabrication and Integration of Micro/Nano Structures, Devices and Systems
► Nanofabrication (other than nanopatterning), nanomanipulation, transfer, bonding technology
► Plasma surface engineering
► “Smart” (multi-)functional surfaces with wetting, optical and/or biological functionality
► Use of metamaterials, 2D materials into innovative devices
► Fabrication and Integration of MEMS/NEMS and nanodevices
► Thermoforming (2D-to-3D shaping), injection molding, soft embossing
► 3D Nanomanufacturing, 3D Microprinting and rapid prototyping, additive microfabrication
► System design, simulation and Integration
► Micro- and nano-manufacturing
► Inspection, process control and manufacturability testing
► Packaging technology and reliability

Topic 3 - Micro/Nano Engineering for Physical and Chemical Applications
► Energy
► Physical and chemical sensors
► Optics and photonics, plasmonics
► Phononics/acoustics, thermoelectricity
► Nanomagnetism, data Storage & memory
► Flexible & large area electronics, organic electronics

Topic 4 - Micro/Nano Engineering for the Life Sciences
► Bio-inspired technologies. bio-mimetic surfaces
► Packaging, biocompatibility, degradable-/disposable packaging
► Micro and nano fluidic systems and their fabrication
► Membranes and nanopore technology
► Design, fabrication, recycling of micro-nano devices for life sciences
► Interfacing biomaterials and bio-entities with devices and systems
► New process technologies for life sciences: plasma treatment, beams, etc...
► Applications in health, environmental monitoring, food safety, agrofood, nutrition and agriculture, E-waste reduction, recycling of disposable devices


Submission instructions
You can find the link to the abstract submission tool here. ( )
To start uploading, please click on ‘Create account and submit contribution’. Please read the guidelines below carefully. If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
• Αbstracts must be written in English.
• One registered author may present a maximum of 2 abstracts.
• Each abstract must be uploaded in 2 formats: a short summary (150 words max) and the full abstract (2 pages max), based on the template.
• A dedicated field for the short summary is provided at step 1.
• For the full abstract, authors are required to use the MNE 2020 abstract template. Abstracts that do not meet the requirements of the template, will not be taken into consideration.
• Please upload your full abstract as a word-document at step 2. After that, create a pdf and upload this as well. Your pdf and word-document should be exactly the same. Please name your documents as followed: "last name_first name_MNE2020".
• Don't forget to click the "Complete Submission" button on the second screen in order to submit your abstract.

• Abstract submission deadline: April 27th, 2020
• E-mail notification of acceptance: June 1st, 2020
• Registration and payment deadline for authors in order to present: June 29th, 2020


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