Title: Atomic Layer processes for precise modification and inspection of the matter

Dr. Stefano Cabrini is the Director of the Nanofabrication Facility at the Molecular Foundry (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) since 2006; leader of the interfacility Single Digit Nano Fabrication and Assembling program. Molecular Foundry is one of the five DOE NanoScale Research Center, a user oriented facility. Stefano Cabrini got his Laurea degree at “Universita’ degli studi di Roma La Sapienza”; his postdoctoral experience was at the IOTA Inst. Theor. & Appl. Optics (France). He worked as researcher at CNR Istituto di Elettronica dello Stato Solido (IESS) of Rome Italy and as senior scientist at Sincrotrone Triese ScpA and INFM ELETTRA Synchrotron Light Source of Trieste Italy. Dr. Cabrini has experience in nanophotonic and metamaterials (metallic and dielectric resonators), semiconductor device fabrication, optical device fabrication, N-MEMS fabrication, and the development of new lithographic tools. Recently he focuses on the so called Single Digit Nano Fabrication, or exact fabrication and organization of nanostructures with dimensions below 10 nm. He is the co-editor with Prof Satoshi Kawata of the book: “Nanofabrication Handbook” CRC Press 2012