prof.dr. E.P.A.M. (Erik) Bakkers

After obtaining his PhD in nanoelectrochemistry at the University of Utrecht, Erik started
working at Philips Research in Eindhoven in 2000. He started his own research group,
and the team focused on nanowires - lines of material with a width of several tens of
nanometers- an area he continues to research, looking at integration into
semiconductors in particular. In 2010, his growing interest in fundamental research
resulted in Erik joining the Technical University of Eindhoven as well as Delft Technical
University as part-time professor in the Quantum Transport group. His current interest is
in Quantum Materials, to detect and manipulate Majorana states, and in Hexagonal
Silicon, to demonstrate and exploit the predicted direct band gap in this material. He has
received the Technical Review award from MIT, VICI grant, ERC CoG, ERC, AdG, and
the Science AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize.
I could speak about nanowires for Majorana, but also about light emission from hexagonal
SiGe (this work has been recently accepted for Nature). Just let me know which topic
you prefer,